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    Cool Questing Board Games

    Post  Paeter on March 1st 2012, 11:10 pm

    As I've been working on my own card game, and having "finished" Skyrim (AWESOME!!!), I've been developing an insane hunger for board gaming. So the last two weeks I've been devouring game reviews.

    In looking for another "dungeon crawl" game, the Dungeons and Dragons series of boardgames have caught my attention. Like Descent, they build on and are compatible with each other. Unlike Descent, the game runs itself and needs no "Overlord".

    Although with Descent 2nd Ed. at the printers right now, they may post the pdf of the rulebook any day now, and if it's as improved as I hope I wouldn't want to get another game so much like Descent and then end up wanting to buy 2nd Ed. as well.

    So I'm also looking for a game that is different from Descent and HeroQuest so I'll still want to play it even if 2nd Ed. rocks, but that also scratches a similar itch in the meantime. As of now, I think I've found it in a game called "Thunderstone", which is a card based (non-collectable) "dungeon crawl-ish" game and can be played in a lightly competitive mode, solitaire or co-op against the game itself. (Co-op is an unofficial mod based on the official rules for solitaire play.)

    It's a game that reportedly got off to a solid yet slightly bumpy start, greatly improved in a second release, and drastically improves with the latest version, which will be released in the next two weeks, and which I will be pre-ordering on Monday unless Fantasy Flight posts 2nd Ed. rules that wow me before then.

    Below I've left some links to video reviews from a reviewer I've recently come to respect and enjoy, and you can see his growing enjoyment of the game as each new version of it is released:

    First Release Review:

    Second Release Review:

    Upcoming Release Review, Part 1:

    and Part 2:

    So I'm definitely looking for "my next great game", but I'm also slowly embracing the possibility that what I really might need is a handful of great games that I can cycle through on my gaming weekends, rather than just focusing on one, and thus avoiding burnout. I could be wrong, and it may be that there is another game (or 2nd Ed.) that will bring a fresh new experience that I'll easily be able to give my full time to, but it's hard to imagine that right now.

    If you have any thoughts on a game or two, I'm wide open to suggestions!

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