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    Twilight Zone Episode RetroReview


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    Twilight Zone Episode RetroReview

    Post  Drew.Rub on July 4th 2012, 10:02 am

    Watching an episode of Twilight Zone on Sci Fi (I refuse to use the stupid new version of their name). It was interesting. Episode was "Old Man in the Cave". Saw a major christian parallel in this particular episode that just rang true with me.

    Mr. Goldstein watched over a small town after an apparent nuclear holocaust. A group of "soldiers" arrive in town, claiming to be organizing the area. They, or course, are disruptive to the small town's way of life; demaning quarters, food, etc. They even assault Goldstein during their initial visit.

    Goldstein tells them of the old man in the cave that's protected them for the past 10 years, warning them not to eat the canned food that's still stored in the town due to radiation poisoning.

    The Major, as is customary, takes issue with this, and proceeds to go counter to what has been established routine/law/practice. He eventually convinces the townspeople to eat the canned food and drink the bottled wine in a massive 6 hour feast and party. The Major eventually encourags the townspeople to go find out who the old man in the cave really is.

    It should be noted at this point that the cave is sealed with a metal door of some type, and only Goldstein can open it.

    Goldstein relents, and opens the cave, where everyone finds that the old man is actually a giant computer (mind you, this is a 60s episode, so the comptuer is a big massive hunk of flashing lights). The people, at the urging of the Major, trash and destroy the computer. The Major claims that they are all now free.

    The episode ends with Goldstein walking through the town, the bodies of all the people he'd helped protect over the past ten years and the soldiers strewn across the streets. Goldstein reflects that on the forgotten way for men to die, that being faithlessness.

    I couldn't help but be drawn to the comparisons and parallels to the modern world. The old man in the cave is quite symbolic of God, providing the guidance and wisdom we need to keep us safe and out of harms way. The fact that it is seculded in a cave that only one person can get to parallels God's existance in Heaven. Although we believe in Him, we can't physically be in Heaven with Him until He calls us home, so there's still a separation for us all from God.

    Goldstein is analogous to Christ, the one who brought His wisdom and love to us. Goldstein cared about the townspeople, and opposed the destructive influence of the soliders into his town. Jesus did (and does) the same for us, showing us how to love and be loved, and opposing Satan's influence into the world.

    Of course, the townsfolk parallel us in today's world. Despite certain claims, we are a Christian nation, and I do believe that Jesus, and our Father God, have watched over us and protected us. But more and more we as a nation are coming under the sway of "The Soldiers", the characters who were a placeholder for Satan and sin in this visual parable.

    Just as The Major convinced the townspeaople to "destroy their God", Satan is trying to do the same with us. As we turn away from God, we fall to our basest desires for short-term self-gratification. This eventually leads to the ending scene of the episode, with those that have turned away from the protection of God lying dead in the street.

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