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    app suggestions



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    app suggestions

    Post  Rickster on September 25th 2012, 1:11 am

    So I just got a new iPad (my first Apple product ever) and I wanted to know what apps (free if possible) i should get for it?


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    Re: app suggestions

    Post  tmorrill on September 25th 2012, 12:37 pm

    Angry Birds and Coin Dozer for games.
    Olive Tree Bible Reader
    Old Time Radio Show app (I know it's on Android, not sure 'bout Apple)


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    Re: app suggestions

    Post  ComiKate on October 7th 2012, 8:01 am

    If you're a comics reader, your very first purchase in the app store will have to be Comics by Comixology - this is a comics store AND reader for all of your digital comics. I'm completely hooked to this thing. It's a free app.

    If you're up for some iOS gaming, I'd recommend James Cameron's Avatar by Gameloft. Not free, but a very VERY cool game. A free game I can recommend is Uber Racing 3D Sandstorm. This is car racing in a postapocalyptic world, really awesome. And if you hook your iPad up to your tv (via your Apple TV or simply with a HDMI cable) you get to race on your tv, cool!

    If you're going to use the iPad for your office work, I recommend Dropbox for syncing of all of your documents and photos across all your devices. Free app.

    iPhoto for iPad is a great app for your photo editing. It's by Apple and not free, but it's one of the better ones imho.
    Also iMovie by Apple, this works like a charm for all of your movie editing. I even edit complete holiday movies on my iPhone as well, that's how great this app is.
    If you're into music (making, not listening): Garageband, also by Apple. You can also do audio editing and even podcasts with that one.

    Starwalk is great for clear summer nights. Just point your iPad to the stars and it will tell you which stars and zodiac signs you're looking at! It's by Vito Technoology, not free, but really amazing.

    Then there's of course Skype for all your... eh... Skyping. Free.

    I can also recommend TRVL, this is a professionally published travel magazine that is FREE. It's really great reading, even if you don't really travel very much (like me) but it's written really well and makes full use of the platform so includes interactivity and movies etc. I especially recommend the Amsterdam issue, great read and very true! This is how iOS magazines should be (instead of the usual PDF reader formats).

    If you want to convert your movies (e.g. a DVD you ripped) to an iPad friendly format, use the free app Air Video Free. Works like a charm!

    And finally, download the free AppShopper. You can make wishlists of apps you'd like to buy and it sends you a message when there's a price drop! It also shows you pricedrop histories of every app so you can calculate your chances Wink

    Have fun and let me know if you need any other recommendations or tips & tricks!


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    Re: app suggestions

    Post  ProfessorAlan on October 7th 2012, 9:31 am

    Looking for games? Productivity? Reading? what are you thinking about using the device for?


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    Re: app suggestions

    Post  Rickster on October 7th 2012, 9:08 pm

    ProfessorAlan wrote:Looking for games? Productivity? Reading? what are you thinking about using the device for?

    Basicly I want a "mini Computer" so some games but mostly productivity. I have a Nook color and a Droid phone so the main reason I picked the iPad over the other tablets is for the iPad exclusive apps that the other things don't have.

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    Re: app suggestions

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