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    MJ in the Amazing Spider-Man 2


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    MJ in the Amazing Spider-Man 2

    Post  Rickster on October 22nd 2012, 7:41 pm

    Saw this article posted on facebook talking about Shailene Woodley (The Descendants, Secret Life of the American Teenager) being cast as MJ in next 2 Spideman movies
    I guess I should warn there is a spoiler for those who don't know much about the Spiderman comics

    Do you think this is a good casting choice?

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    Re: MJ in the Amazing Spider-Man 2

    Post  DNArington on October 22nd 2012, 11:41 pm

    I don't believe I've seen her in anything before, so I can't assert whether this is a good casting choice,but I gotta' say, I like the way they seem to be taking these SM films. It seems like they are following the comics pretty well (My Earlier Rant Aside) and they are willing to take risks (like the aforementioned spoiler.) I'm hoping to see the death of Spiderman play out on the big screen at the end of this series (probably at movie number six.)

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