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    I think we've been insulted


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    I think we've been insulted

    Post  cleireac on November 1st 2012, 11:01 am

    Although not an uber fan of comics like many here, the implications against genre fiction lead me to believe that my feelings should be hurt.

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    Re: I think we've been insulted

    Post  Dunadwarf on November 1st 2012, 5:18 pm

    Yeah, too bad we don't see long scenes of tax code and legal debates.
    I do find it narrow-minded to equate escapism with being juvenile. Simple stories are not neccessarily immature and complexity does not equal quality. Characters like Superman and Batman are archetypes, representing basic virtues and vices. There's a reason we don't need long discussions of the insurance needs of people who live near Superman, and this is a bit hard to grasp, but...


    What's more, when writers do try to bring real-world things into their comics, the results are usually less entertaining, more depressing, preachy and confusing. Comics take place in their own world.

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    Re: I think we've been insulted

    Post  ComiKate on November 1st 2012, 8:36 pm

    I agree with Dunadwarf.

    Plus, SF and/or comics are not automatically simple stories just because they are SF or comics.

    Personally, I find the view of this reviewer rather... simplistic, for lack of a better word. I doubt if he's ever really researched the topic and read at least some landmark SF books for himself. For instance, I find series like Dune anything but simple and immature.

    Same goes for comics. Several deal with complex issues and topics; several show men who are not all "mighty" and women who are not all "beautiful".

    What really irks me is that I actually feel insulted, which I soooo was not going to allow.
    So, enough of this - I'll stop here Wink

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    Re: I think we've been insulted

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