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    Remixing The Break-in


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    Remixing The Break-in

    Post  Paeter on July 13th 2010, 3:40 pm

    Right now I'm remixing the break-in sequence where Raan and Vincent infiltrate the Atlantis Corporate building and Vincent is nearly blown to pieces.

    I'm having SOO much fun re-creating this sequence. The stuff I always wanted to do but didn't know how will finally be incorporated into this scene. I'm thinking it will be a very memorable sequence. (Hoping at least!)

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    Re: Remixing The Break-in

    Post  Hackmodford on July 13th 2010, 3:43 pm

    Good! I hope you really "remix" spiritblade to bring it up par with Dark Ritual.

    Though my friend says you use too many SFX I look at him like he's crazy O_o
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